Collection of very old cards that are considered unavailable, about both Asia and Africa, especially involving China, Linda, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, Turkey with captions about the locations and accompanied by notes to explain the use of such a type of communication. Nowadays, postcards are no longer the same media, whereas back in the years was not only a way of remember about people, but also to keep track of the moving. These postcards represented a real mark about those great voyages made by the European Western bourgeoisie in the colonial world.

Elephants bathing. Ceylon 1904Pyramids on the moonlight. Circa 1950Dashwameda Ghat. Benares, India 1926Tonkin.Woman with a big hat. 1911India. The family takes off lices.Kandy from Lady Horton's walkSteamer stop at Colombo harbourSulay Pagoda. Rangoon. BurmaA chinese familyAgni Yoga 1928 painted by Nicholas RoerichAngkor Vat, Cambodia 1928Angkor. External wall of Ta ProhmBuddist Priests at shrineCairo from Mokatiamn hillsCeylon. Children under a banana leafChinese family. Laokay. French Indochina Hill tribe woman in the North of SiamHill tribes in the north of SiamVaranasi, IndiaResting ElephantsRubber tree. Peradeniya gardens near Kandy. CeylonSchwe Tsan-Daw Pagoda. Prome