Please contact for any kind of information about Fine Art Prints, leaving Your e-mail address so we can contact you as soon as possible. Please be advised that Fine Art Prints will be effected mainly by digital process of all B/W negatives and Color Slides by High Standard Professional Studios. The source of the images comes either from negatives or slides of 24x36 mm size (135 films) except other formats normally specified in our reply. We want You to be aware about possible technical limits which are related to the size of the original image. Mainly we use a pure cotton paper printed with coal pigment inks for old oriental subjects, portraits and other kinds of prints. However, different ways of printing are available and must be specified on Your request and a reply will be given to all the serious proposals of print realisation and further for subjects not included on our website but which are to be considered as separate subjects and not making part of a story as flowers, landscapes, animals, ethnic subjects, portraits and life scenes, useful for both didactic use and for flat and room fittings, as well as for show purposes. For oversized prints starting from over 50 cm x 60 cm ( about ’’20x24‘’) proof samples could be sent on demand in order to establish the level of appreciation of the work. Photographic shows will be considered after request and by explaining the program, the location, and how the images are used to be showed to the visitors, their ethic use and the cultural purpose of the events. Your requests are welcome.

Foggy sunrise on Serengeti Plains - © Carlo Sacco