The Face of Asia will be glad of taking into account proposal from both Public and Administrative Institutions that are planning to organize thematic exhibitions with the same topics of the ones shown in the website. They might also provide photographic subjects either to be used or printed for documentary, historic, ethnographic, marketing, editorial, decor reasons, and used for cultural purposes or for private use. In this case, the Archive would have its own reproduction right under the rules and national and international conventions regarding the use of such archival material on which approval is required to be able to enjoy. The third-party use of Archive material will be subjected to acceptance of both parties about the price that will vary depending on the nature of the request shows, the use and the exhibition’s duration. At the end of the show, all printed materials will have to return to the Archive The Face of Asia unless otherwise agreed in advance. We invite those who may be interested in the discussed themes, to seek clarification on all budgets, iconography, images, different print modes and their prices using the phone numbers shown on the website. The rules on publication of archival material of the Sacco's Photographic and Historical Archive, are subject to rules concerning the legislation on the matter and any violation will be prosecuted according to law.

Kumbh Mela at Hardwar,India 1998 - © Carlo Sacco